mercredi 4 août 2010

Here is my new shoes !

Hello everyone ! I bought these new shoes, what do you think about it ?

mardi 20 juillet 2010

A little clip of my feet & soles when i was reading...

Hi everyone ! I hope you're ok, here is a new movie clip. After going to the beach, i was relaxing my feet while i was reading. The sand on my soles make them very soft, i would like to share their softness with you... tell me what you think about it :p

jeudi 1 juillet 2010

Here is another collection of my feet and soles... Lots of people asked me if i was ticklish, so i can tell to everybody that yes i'm ticklish ^^ If you want ask me something about me, you can in the comment section and for sure, i will answer as fast as possible ^^ I hope my english is correct, i'm french so...... :p Well i stop writing and i let you see my pictures.. I hope you like it..

jeudi 24 juin 2010

Movie Clip !

This is my first movie clips of my feet, check it out !

You can see my little toes moving, my soft soles arched...


...if you are looking carefully you can see something unscheduled, i let you guess what it is....


...then i was pointing my toes, after take off my shoes... i can tell you that my feet smelled a little bit :p

jeudi 17 juin 2010

Hello every body !

Welcome to my blog !!!

Here i am with my personnal new blog ! And it's all about my... feet and legs.. At the beginning I didn't know that it would be so attractive for some guys, i discovered that two years ago, and now i like to show my feet'n soles, my arch and wearing nice shoes to make them pretty. I will show you some pictures of my feet on this blog, movie clips, i hope you gonna like it. Here is some of the first pictures i did in 2008 :

Don't hesitate to post your comments, and tell me what you think about these photography, it was my first shots (of my feet...)